CBS 48hrs

Interview with Dan Rather: BlazeTech president Albert Moussa was interviewed by Dan Rather regarding our investigation into the cause of the TWA 800 center wing fuel tank explosion

Glove Box
Glove Box

Biohazard Testing: BlazeTech designed equipment to probe combustion of biological agents.

Flash Fire

Flash/Fire Discriminator: BlazeTech's multi-wavelength detector to differentiate between a flash of a projectile penetrating an aircraft's skin and the fire from a propagating fuel flame.

Team Work

Aircraft Fire and Explosion Course: BlazeTech's annual course was a big success this year as usual with a diverse group of attendees.


Dr. Albert Moussa in the PT-17 Stearman Kaydet

We specialize in Fire and Explosion, Environmental Safety, Aircraft Survivability & Vulnerability, Energy, Nano Technology and Industrial Safety and Security. Our services in these areas include:

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    Announcement: New Positions Open, and 2021 Internships

    R&D Position for Physics, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering: Ph.D. or M.S. in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering or similar. Build and perform tests on an innovative filtration device of fine particles involving both mechanical and electrostatic components.

    2021 Interns/Co-ops: Now accepting applications. See our Careers Page for more information.