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Litigation/Expert Witness Services

Because of our specialized expertise, we have participated as expert witnesses in the investigation of several major national and international accidents. To complement our in-house expertise, we draw upon specialists from surrounding universities and industry with whom we have worked in the past. Our approach enables us to quickly advise our clients as to whether they have a case and recommend strategies. Thus we offer several decades of experience and senior judgment to our clients in the legal and insurance businesses. In the past, we have worked for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our expertise covers fire, explosion, toxic release, chemical hazards, environmental episodes, structural failure, aircraft operation and product liability. Our work has typically been in high risk high value situations ranging from transportation, industrial, commercial to residential applications. Our services include:

  • Forensic investigation, including, failure, root cause and fire origin analyses
  • Accident reconstruction on the computer, in small scale and in full-scale
  • Flight line and flight path analysis
  • Failure analysis of new products and review of their MSDS
  • Statistical analysis of accident databases to identify historical trends related to the circumstances of the case
  • Specialized testing
  • Visual aids using CAD and animation
  • Coordinating experts in highly technical and multi-disciplinary areas
  • Claim analysis in Intellectual Property infringement

Examples of our projects include:

  • Inflight fires on-board airliners
  • Inflight fire on-board a cargo plane
  • Fire in a major high-rise building
  • Crash of a regional jet
  • Magnesium fire onboard ship
  • Dispersion of a hazardous chemical released from a plant
  • Dispersion of propane released in a building using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)
  • Control valve in gas fired heater
  • Explosion on a main landing gear
  • Fire involving a can of flammable fluid in a house
  • Fire in van with wheel chair lift for elderly
  • Fire involving polyurethane insulation in a cold storage building
  • Claims analysis in patent infringement cases

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