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BlazeTech provides innovative hardware solutions for engineering problems and one-of-a-kind instrumentation for specialized measurements.

Our hardware technologies include:

  • Fuelshield for fuel tank protection against explosions
  • Low Nox Burner for clean compustion of coal

Our instrumentation include:

  • Polarized Light Scattering instrument for morpholgy characterization of fine particles (nano or micro) and agglomerates
  • Polarized Light Extinction Spectrometer for morphology characterization of coated nanoparticles and agglomerates
  • Particle-laden flow probe to measure the pressures due to particles and gases in a blast
  • Flash/Fire Discriminator to distinguish between fuel fire and impact flash in aricraft drybays and fuel tanks
  • Air Speed Indicator to measure the speed of air/gases containting particulates
  • Non-Contact Liquid Level Fuel Gage