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Biographical Sketch: Dr. N. Albert Moussa PhD, PE

Dr. N. Albert Moussa, Technical Director of BlazeTech, has over 40 years of experience in fire and explosion in civilian and military aircraft. He co-authored one book on flammability and over 200 publications, presentations and reports. He has worked on small- and full-scale testing of aircraft materials, components and entire systems, fire and explosion modeling and the design fire detection and suppression systems. Since 1996, he has consulted on major aircraft fire/explosion accidents in the US and overseas. His forewarnings about aircraft fuel system vulnerabilities before the TWA800 and Concorde disasters have gained him prominence in the US and European media. His credentials include: William Lockwood Memorial Lecture Award, Engineer of the Year by the New England AIAA Section, AIAA Distinguished Lecturer, Best Papers by SAE and ASEI, and several ASME citations. He served on national committees and was Associate Editor of an ASME Journal. He received his Bachelor degree (with Honors) from Stanford University and Master/Doctoral degrees from MIT, with both dissertations focusing on fire. He has lectured on this subject at the NTSB Training Center, MIT, and Michigan State University.